Drivers Stop on Atlanta Highway After Armored Truck Spills Cash Everywhere

In a scene that seems more like something from a film or cartoon than real life, ABC 7 reports that drivers on a busy interstate near Atlanta stopped their cars to collect money that had reportedly fallen out of an armored truck. Video of the incident shows countless drivers parking on the side of the highway to partake in the cash. While it was initially unclear how many dollars flew out onto the highway at around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, WSB-TV Atlanta reports that Dunwoody Sgt. Robert Parsons has estimated the loss to be somewhere in the region of $175,000. Authorities indicated that around 15 or so cars stopped not only on the side of the interstate, but also in the middle of the road. People were “frantically” collecting the money; there were no injuries despite the disruption to traffic. Check out more details on the story below.