Mariah Carey Calls Meghan Markle A Diva: ‘Don’t Act Like You Aren’t’

Legendary singer Mariah Carey has called out English royalty on her own podcast. During the interview, Mariah and Markle discussed the concept of being a “diva,” which led to the singer telling the Duchess she’s had some diva moments.

“You give us diva moments sometimes, Meghan,” Mariah said per Page Six. “Don’t act like [you don’t].” However, the Suits actress seemed flustered by the lighthearted comment. “What kind of diva moments did I give you?”

Mariah then clarified that she meant Markle’s “visual[s]” come off as “diva” and not her personality. She also said she “didn’t mean” anything by the comment and was just “playing” with the former actress.