Megan Thee Stallion Reflects On Tory Lanez’s Guilty Verdict

In a new interview with Elle Magazine, Megan Thee Stallion has opened up about the guilty verdict for Tory Lanez in her trail with the now imprisoned rapper. 

“It never crossed my mind that people wouldn’t believe me,” Megan said. “For years, my attacker tried to leverage social media to take away my power. Imagine how it feels to be called a liar every day?”

As for where she’s at now, Megan says that she’s doing much better but is still battling with leftover anxiety from the entire ordeal.

“I’m in a happier place, but I still have anxiety,” she admitted to the outlet. “I’ve accepted this chapter of my life as part of my journey, but I will not allow it to define my journey. I’ve been dragged through the mud, but I’m so happy that I’m able to finally come out of it with a new perspective.”