Nick Jonas Falls Into A Hole On Stage & Handles It Like A Pro

Nick Jonas had a scary fall during one of his concerts. Nick is singing and walking around the edge of the stage in Boston. As he tried to make his way back to the middle of the stage where his brothers Kevin and Joe are, Nick starts walking backward and walks straight into a hole in the stage. Nick dropped down into the hole with one foot and caught himself by leaning his back on the side of the hole. He quickly recovered and shot back up out of the hole and ran to his brothers and kept singing like nothing happened like a pro. Check out the moment below!


Nick Jonas had a fall but still didnt miss a beat and continued on to an amazing performance! Hope you’re ok Nick!! • • • #jonasbrother#nickjonas#joejonas#kevinjonas#jonasbrothers#jonasbrotherstour#fivealbumsonenight#nickfalls#falling#tdgarden#boston#bostonma#massachusetts

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