Nicki Minaj Offers Support For Ice Spice

A criticism Nicki Minaj often receives is that she’s not the most supportive person when it comes to other female rappers and often goes out of her way to start drama with them. Well, not this time around as the queen is showing support for one of the most up and coming artists in the game, Ice Spice. The Queens spitta took to her Instagram Story to react to the “In Ha Mood” rapper’s look in the newest cover for Dazed magazine. In her post, Minaj quotes the article’s headline and gives her full support for the Bronx native.

“The people’s princess,” Minaj wrote under the cover. “@icespice Catch it!!!”

Many are wondering if Nicki will hop on a remix to an Ice Spice hit in the future. Ice Spice is a huge Nicki fan, so it would not be surprising at all.