Suge Knight Says He Won’t Testify Against Keefe D

Suge Knight has clarified from prison he will not testify against charged Tupac killer Keefe D. This is a big development in the case because Suge is the only other surviving witness of the 1996 murder of Tupac. 

“Me and Keefe D played on the same football team,” Suge explained. “And whatever the circumstances, if he did have involvement or if he didn’t have involvement in anything, I wouldn’t wish someone going to prison on my worst enemy.” 1000% I wouldn’t go,” Suge reiterated. “I wouldn’t testify, none of that.”

The former Death Row CEO also hinted during the chat that Tupac’s shooter isn’t who cops think it is. Suge insisted that police and prosecutors are mistaken with their arrest of Keefe D and that Keefe’s late nephew Orlando Anderson was the person who shot Tupac.