Texas Fan’s Insane Method For Cheaper Beyoncé Tickets Goes Viral

Tickets for Beyonce’s upcoming tour are going for insane prices. But, a Queen B fan from Texas is saving money on the show in a very unique way. Mercedes Arielle, a content creator from Dallas, is among a slew of fans traveling abroad to see the “Renaissance Tour,” she tells NBC News. Mercedes secured a flight to Stockholm, Sweden, a hotel and her VIP concert ticket — and it was all cheaper than how much her friends paid for the AT&T Stadium show scheduled for September 21 in the states in Dallas. She revealed her concert ticket was $366 and her stay was “essentially free” thanks to points and miles. And the best part? She gets to see Bey several months earlier than her friends, too, since the show is in May and according to her, she’ll be so close to Beyonce that “she’ll be sweating on me.” Unreal