Travis Scott Requests Dismissal of Astroworld Festival Crowd Crush Lawsuit

Travis Scott’s response to the lawsuits putting fault on him for the Astroworld tragedy have come out. Travis Scott has requested the dismissal of one of the many lawsuits filed against him in connection with the Astroworld Festival crowd crush that ultimately resulted in 10 deaths. The rapper filed legal documents this week, per TMZ, in which he asked for claims against him and his companies—Jack Enterprises and Cactus Jack—by Jessie Garcia to be dropped. He’s issued a “general denial” in response to the civil suit, which in legal terms means he denies responsibility for the deaths and over 300 injuries sustained at the festival. Sources close to the situation told the outlet that Scott is expected to issue similar dismissal requests in response to each of the civil lawsuits against him. There are 275 suits in total.