ViVica A. Fox Is At It Again And This Time She’s Spilling The Details Of Her Love Life With 50 Cent

On a Take It Back Tuesday I always enjoy getting a good dose of updates on my favorite 90’s and early 2000’s artists but this is something new or I guess I could say old depending on how you look at it! Back in day, 2003ish Vivica A. Fox and rapper 50 Cents were a hot item but in the end parted ways. 14 years later after random stories here and there coming from Vivica aimed at 50 she has decided to write a detailed book on her and 50 Cents love life!

Shortly after the news surfaced, 50 responded and said, “I’m waking up to this ****. That was 14 years ago. Who does this? What the ****?”

Vivica is currently making the rounds as her book is set to be released April 3rd. CLICK HERE for the full story

Would you want to write a book about a past relationship?