Salvation Army Angel Tree

Stephens Media Group has teamed up with ACT- Absolute Comfort Technology and the Salvation Army Angel Tree to help less fortunate kids in the Yakima Valley have the Christmas they deserve. Listen every weekday to help out on the air as we’ll be reading out what kids want for Christmas. If you want to help out, call the studios and claim to make their Christmas morning the best it can be. All toys must be brought to the radio station by Wednesday, December 18th. 17 N 3rd St. Ste 103, Yakima, WA. 

Angel Tree is brought to you by A-C-T Absolute Comfort Technology.  Who wants to make sure the children of the valley have a great Christmas and would like to ask everyone to call in and pick a kid to help this year. Your comfort is our priority A-C-T

(Crossed Out Names Have Already Been Taken.)

Girl Age Wish   Boy Age Wish    
Becky 2 Musical Bee Chris 9
Crayola Melter
Jennifer 5 Baby Doll Lane 8
Mico Kids Watch
Olivia 12 Secret Message Lab Spencer 10
Mini Drone
Dalilah 11 Arts & Crafts Supplies Zane 8
Molly 8 L.O.L Doll Matt 9
Science Kit
Gabby 10 Disney Princess Zeke 5
Lego Roller Coaster
Macy 9 Squishy Max 11
Catapult Wars
Mia 8 Wonder Woman Doll Chris 8
Lucy 7 Barbie Make Over Head Luis 8
Nerf Blaster
Taty 6 Polly Pockets Alberto 7
Avengers Action Figure
Alexis 5 FurReal Pet Nathan 12
Boys’ Book of Survival
Brooke 11 Tye-Dye Maker Chad 11
Sports Equipment
Grace 12 Jouranling Supplies Troy 10
Magic Tracks
Penelope 3 Musical Bee Zachary 12
Sports Equipment
Lyla 4 Minnie Mouse Lucas 11
Nerf Target Set
Sophia 1 Play Mat Jacob 10
Laser Tag Set
Cameron 11 Video Recorder Eric 9 Nerf Gun
Ashley 12 Lighting Gloves Christian 8
Nerf Blaster
Sara 3 First Wagon Noel 7 Nerf Gun
Elena 11 Video Recorder Anthony 6
Crayloa Melter
Jaylynn 11 Bracelet Making Kit Finn 12
Tracy 5 Mickey & Minnie Mouse Israel 11
Tye-Dye Maker
Taylor 4 Play Kitchen Set Jaxon 10 Nerf Gun
Hannah 3 Play Tent Isaiah 7
Magic Suitcase Kit
Jazmin 9 Magnetic Blocks Issac 8
Nerf Blaster
Lily 10 Pedal Go Kart Noah 4 Race Car
Iveth 2 Activity Table Micheal 6
Disney Jr. Play Set
Faith 9 Crayon Melter Jeremy 5
Paw Patrol Play Set
Violet 8 String Art Owen 7
Avengers Action Figure
Hazel 7 FurReal Owl Juan 8 R/C Car
Kaitlyn 6 Barbie Doll Irvin 9
Nerf Blaster
Emily 10 Slime Tony 10
Nerf Bow & Aarow
Evelyn 9 Magic Kit Braycen 3
Easy Score Little Tikes
Madison 7 Baby Doll Tyler 5
Action Figure
Jessi 8 Legos Wesley 6
Hot Wheels
Lizbeth 5 MagnaTiles Joel 7 Legos
Brandie 3 Leap Pad Frog Andrew 8
Slime Maker
Eliza 1 Activity Cube David 9 Nerf Gun
Joy 3 Learning Tablet Billy 10
Arts & Crafts Supplies